BUDS TO BLOSSOMS – 2019 Competition Invitation Details

Myriad Hues Front
Buds to Blossom Front


Category Name of the CompetitionConvenorContact No.RulesCriteria
Pre KGColouringMrs. V. Thulasi Bai99627770131.  A3 size printed sheet will be provided
2.  The participants should bring their own colouring materials
1.  Outline filling (Colouring within the borders)
2. Creativity
3.  Neatness
4.  Completion
5.  Overall
Pre KGScooping the BallMrs. V. K.Savitha98844048181.  Should not touch the ball - 5 balls -
2 points each 2.  Carry only one ball at a time
3.  Drop the ball in the box  
LKGFancy DressMrs. S. Kanchana97908990701. 2 minutes
2. Props allowed   
3. Back ground music not allowed  
4.  Any language (English / Tamil)
5. Use  Eco-friendly things
1.  Costume
2.  Presentation
3.  Innovative idea  
4.  Relevance to the topic
5.  Overall
LKGBalancing ObstacleMrs. V. K.Savitha98844048181. Balancing walk
2. Continuous hop/if not start from the  beginging
3. Military crawling
UKGJunior Spell BeeMrs. L. Amala Belci99432199801.  Work sheet will be provided with pictures.  
2.  A child has to bring a pencil, an eraser his/her own.
3.  Duration 40 minutes
1. Correct spelling
UKGCrab Walk ObstacleMrs. V. K.Savitha98844048181.  Balance & Crab walk
2.  Drag the ball
3.  Bean bag catch
Std. I & IIDrawing & ColouringMr. S. Jayakumar98410744581.  Students should bring their own materials (crayon, colour pencil, or anyother colouring materials)
2.  White chart  will be provided
3.  Pencil sketches will be rejected.  
1. Colouring
2. Topic oriented
3. Perfection  
4. Neatness
5. Overall presentation
Std. I & IIStory TellingMrs. L. Amala Belci99432199801.  Timing - maximum 3 minutes
2.  Any story with "Moral Value"
3.  Story should be narrated only in " English"
1.  Action  
2.  Clarity / Pronunciation
3.  Voice modulation
4.  Content  
5.  Overall
Std. I & IIThirukkural RecitationMr. M. Salai Kumara Samy94448182551.  திருக்குறளில் இருந்து 10 குறட்பாக்களை ஒப்பிக்க வேண்டும் 1.  பத்து 10 குறட்பாக்கள் ஒப்பித்தல் வேண்டும்
2.  ஒலிப்பதில் தெளிவு வேண்டும்
3.  பொருள், அடி மாறாமல் ஒப்பித்தல் வேண்டும்
4.  தெளிவும் விரைவும் கவனத்தில் கொள்ளப்படும். 
 5.  நடுவர் தீர்ப்பே இறுதியாது
Std. III to VOrigamiMrs. T. Sumathi76678810201. Time duration - 1 hour  
2. Participants should bring their own materials.  (colour papers, scissors, fevicol etc.)  
1. Colour combination
2. Creativity  
3. Presentation
4. Completion on time  5. Overall
Std. III to VThirukkural RecitationMr. P. Arivazhahan9940429683 1. திருக்குறளில் இருந்து 20 குறட்பாக்களை ஒப்பிக்க வேண்டும்.1.  இருபது 20 குறட்பாக்கள் ஒப்பித்தல் வேண்டும்
2.  ஒலிப்பதில் தெளிவு வேண்டும்
3.  பொருள், அடி மாறாமல் ஒப்பித்தல் வேண்டும்
4.  தெளிவும் விரைவும் கவனத்தில் கொள்ளப்படும்.
5.  நடுவர் தீர்ப்பே இறுதியாது
Std. III to VJunk ArtMrs. V. Thulasi Bai99627770131.  Time : 1 hour
2.  Material should be brought by the participants  
3.  Must complete the work within the time duration.
1. Creativity
2. Relevance to topic  
3. Asthetic sense
4. completion    
5. overall
Std. III to VSingingMrs. Subashree Suresh97100079541.  3 Minutes  
2.  No film songs
3.  Patriotic (or) devotional only
4.  Any language
5.  Only shruthi box
1. Melody  
2. Rythm  
3. Modulation (voice)
4. Pitch5. Over all presentation
Std. VI to VIIICooking without fireMrs. A. Bhuvaneswari94457483001.  Any item can be prepared.
2.  Participants should bring the needed items.
3.  Cooked foods are not allowed.
4.  Preparation should be done on the spot.
5.  Complete the items on given timing [3-4 items ] Timing - 1 hour.
1. Nutritional Value
2. Neat Display
3. Taste
4. Methadology
5. Overall
Std. VI to VIIIFace PaintingMrs. Chitra Umapathy92810003031. Team of 2 students.
2. Bring  own materials.
3. Full face should be covered.
4. Based on the given concept.
1. Colours
2. Theme
3. Creativity
4. Neatness
5. Overall
Std. VI to VIIIMehandiMrs. N. Latha Rani99622281461.   Participants must bring their own material. (Cone, Lemon Juice etc.,)
2.  Mehendi on the palm as well as dorsall side of the hand.
3.  Participants can apply Mehendi on their own hand or any other person's hand.4.  It is one round event.
5.  Time limit is one hour.
1. Creativity
2. Neatness
3. Completion
4. Intricate design
5. Overall
Std. VI to VIIIJunk ArtMrs. V. Thulasi Bai99627770131. Time : 1 hour
2. Material should be brought by the participants  
3. Must complete the work within the time duration.
1.  Creativity
2.  Relevance to topic
3.  Asthetic sense
4.  Completion   
5.  Overall
Std. VI to VIIISingingMrs. Subashree Suresh97100079541.  3  Minutes
2.  No film songs
3.  Patriotic (or) Devotional only
4.  Any language
5.  Only shruthi box
1.  Melody  
2.  Rythm 
3.  Modulation (voice)  
4.  Pitch
5.  Over all presentation
Std. IX & XQuizMrs. K. Kugapriya94451573371. A team of 2 studens per School
2.  Quiz masters decision is final
1. Priliminary  round for selection will be conducted (written)
2. 5 rounds on different topics/genre will be conducted
3. Tie- breaker round will be conduected, if necessary.
Std. IX & XWebpage DesignMr. Varun Kumar99620099971. Duration is 1 hour.
2. They have to bring their own image in CD.
3. Proper tags should be used in proper place.
4. Content  & Neat Presentation5.  Image and hyperlink
1. Picture Clarity
2. Link
3. Content
4. Overall Presentation
Std. IX & XPaper PresentationMrs. J. Sarika95001579941. Time duration (5 mins)
2. Participants should bring their own CD.
3. Paper Presentation should not exceed 10 pages.
4. Participants should hold Valid Registration No, ID Card.
5. Follow other general Instructions given
1.  Paper presentation to be be relevant to the topic. (Content)
2.  Creativity
3.  Clarity in Content (Pronounciation)
4.  Self - Confidence
5.  Overall
Std. IX & XScience ProjectMrs. Angelina Pravin Kumar98415275141. Avoid using Thermocoal or Plastic.
2. Only two participants per project (one team per school).
3. Should talk about the project for 2 mins.
4. Must bring only working models.
5. Brink your own junction box for all electrical projects.
1.  Clear explanation about the project (with aids, if necessary).
2.  Relevance to the topic chosen.
3.  Working of the project model.
4.  Creativity/ Innovation
.5.  Overall Presentation.
Std. IX & XComputer ProgrammingMrs. Radha Suresh98407408021. Duration 1 hour.
2. Logic
3. Completion of the Program
1.  Logic
2.  Completion of the Program
3.  Final Result
Std. IX & XPoetry WritingMrs. S. Kavitha 95515472271. Topic will be given on the spot
2. Time duration - 45 mints
3. No. of lines- min. 10 max 15
4. Poetry can be of free verse / with the use of poetic devices)
1.  Relevance to the theme.
2.  Creativity/style  and originality
3.  Coherence of form and structure of words (presentation)
4.  Clarity of imagery (poetic devices) and language  
5.  Overall (including  no. of lines)
Std. IX & XShort FilmMrs. R. Vimala91596791691.   The Film should not be more than 5 minutes.
2.   The film may be in MPEG4 or AVI format.
3.   Short films may be in their original language.
4.   Bring the movie in CD.
1.  Content
2.  Clarity
3.  Timing
4.  Creativity
5.  Cinematography
Std. XI & XIIQuizMrs. P.B. Kavitha63818714741.  A Team of 2 students per school.
2.  Quiz Master's decision is final.
1.  Preliminary round for selection will be conducted.(written)
2.  5 rounds on different topics/ genes will be conducted.
3.  Tie - breakers round will be conducted, if necessary.
Std. XI & XIIWebpage DesignMr. Varun Kumar99620099971. Duration is 1 hour.
2. They have to bring their own image in CD.
3. Proper tags should be used in proper place.
4. Content  & Neat Presentation5.  Image and hyperlink
1.  Pictures Clarity
2.  Link
3.  Content
4.  Overall Presentation
1. You are requested to bring bonafide certificates from your institution.
2. Participants are requested to report at least 15mts. before the commencement of the competition. The competition begins at * Buds & Blossoms - 9.00 a.m. (Forenoon)
* Myriad Hues - 1.00 p.m. (Afternoon session)
3. Students should come in their respective school uniform with ID card (except for fancy dress competition).
4. i). One entry per school for team event
ii) Two entries per school for individual event.
5. A student can participate in one event only.
6. Filled in entry forms should be sent through email (modelsouvenir2019@gmail.com) on or before 06.11.2019 (before 4.00 p.m.).
7. Spot Registration can also be done.
8. Participants have to bring their own materials.
9. The decision of the judges is final.
10. The prizes will be awarded to the winners on 14.11.2019 during Children’s day celebrations. Intimation will be given later.
11. Overall championship will be given to the top scoring school.
For Enquiries, Contact - 8778152060, 9710007954
School Office - 044-26534113